TSG-S - Single-phase safety and isolating transformers


Single-phase safety transformer according to DIN EN 61558, VDE 0570, part 2-6. Primary mains cable, secondary socket, non-inherently short-circuit-proof. Transformer in plastic casing, type of enclosure IP 43, safety class II, 50/60 Hz, ta 40°C.

P: 100 - 400 VAUPRI: 230 VUSEC: 24 V

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* Portable transformers * Primary connection via 2 m, twin-core mains cable and moulded-on plug according to European norm * Secondary connection to central socket (on-board-socket) or optionally to a three-pole socket * Accessory plug available. Please include in order if required * Test voltage primary-secondary min. 5000 V

Variants overview

Output Article number Measurements Weight
Rated capacity PRI 230 V
SEC 24 V
a x b x c / L x B x HCU kgGes. kg
100143 x 117 x 10502
130156 x 114 x 11502
160156 x 124 x 11502
250182 x 152 x 13805
320182 x 172 x 13815
400182 x 172 x 13818
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