Our expertise

All of our products are continuously configured, designed and produced in accordance with the currently valid standards and fundamental principles. The product portfolio of ISMET is distinguished by an enormously wide spectrum of inductive components, such as transformers, chokes and filters for energy and electrical technology. Our experiential knowledge has grown over the years with thousands of customer projects, the majority of which require individual adaptations of existing products or completely new developments. The technical creativity and solution expertise for each of our orders is just as importance as consideration of the details of the customer application. We work on this basis: customer-oriented and solution-oriented for products that are optimised in regard to technology and efficiency.

The basis of our wound goods

Only standard-compliant, high-quality materials with optimal properties which ensure efficiency and reliability in observance of the specified parameters come into consideration for use in our wound goods. This starts from the cores, to the windings and cooling to the isolation and protection rating, and finally the housing and connection configurations. These materials are the basis of our wound goods:


  • Ferritic cores
  • Split cores
  • Grain-oriented sheet
  • DIN cores


  • Wire winding
  • Copper tape winding
  • Aluminium tape winding
  • Tubular winding
  • High-frequency wire


  • Direct water cooling
  • Indirect water cooling
  • Direct air cooling
  • Indirect air cooling


With optimisation of the packaging technique and the transformer components, can be reduced by up to 65 %. The higher procurement costs are amortised within a period of only 1.5 to 2 years with the current energy costs. This advantage pays off for you. Contact us. We always determine the best price-performance ratio for your requirements, including achievable cost savings during operation of our wound goods in the application.


Climate preservation due to energy savings, reduction of losses and sparing of resources with the use of alternative materials, efficient water cooling and increased output in a smaller space – innovations develop from numerous sources. Our engineers work daily on new technologies for the transformers and chokes of tomorrow. We have provided a collection of current examples for you here.


Our transformers are manufactured for cost optimisation as a fundamental rule. However, in the age of climate change and increased energy costs, it is becoming increasingly important to find alternatives. The use of various materials, such a nanocrystal, amorphous or ferritic materials, the combination of raw materials and technology, and the perfect implementation of our experience producing transformers make it possible for the user to utilise all resources optimally.
The bases for all sustainability efforts are the applicable rules and regulations, such as the RoHS Directive, the REACH Regulation and the Transformer EcoDesign Regulation (EU) no. 548/2014.

Do you have questions for us?

You have not found a suitable solution for your market segment? We would be glad to help. Together we can work on a tailor-made solution that meets your requirements and wishes.