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We produce transformers, chokes and other wound products for you with the latest production equipment according to the state-of-the-art and with high vertical integration. Therefore, we control the overall development and production process so that we can always guarantee you optimal inductive components and maximum reliability for your applications, processes and projects.

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We provide you with one-phase and three-phase transformers, as well as additional inductive components in a wide range of versions for all feasible areas of application. Individual wound goods or complete switch cabinet systems are also available in our assortment, as well as mains transformers or high-current transformers, motor chokes and sinusoidal filters. Our products are always designed to be efficient, sustainable and low-maintenance.

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Many customer projects require customer-specific solutions which must be configured precisely to the requirements of the customer application. To meet wide-ranging customer requirements on a transformer or choke, we rely on vertical integration. Our technicians are in direct contact with the work preparation and production management in order to implement optimal customer-specific solutions. With stable processes, we guarantee the reliable quality and precision that our customers expect from us. Inductive components from the pure wound good to one-phase transformers to complete, cooled switch cabinet solutions, we develop everything from individual units to large series exactly to your requirements.

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Transformers and chokes are long-term investments which play an essential role in the safety and functional capability of the overall system for decades. In the process, they are subjected to heavy mechanical and thermal stresses which can threaten the function of the equipment over expected service life. Therefore, maintenance and service of inductive assemblies has been an important service emphasis for ISMET for many years. With each maintenance contract, we inspect almost every electrical parameter, all electrical and mechanical connections and all air ducts. The decision regarding the scope of repair or the possible need for replacement of components is made based on the status determined in close cooperation with the customer. Of course, all necessary repair work is carried out by our trained, skilled internal technicians.

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