Our quality standards

ISMET GmbH has the objective of producing technically refined products in high quality for the transformer construction sector. This is achieved through continuous improvement in all areas of ISMET GmbH, particularly in quality-relevant production steps and quality inspection. Introduced measures are monitored and checked continuously to determine their effectiveness.

Our quality policy is defined by the management and documented in a quality management manual. The management has undertaken to communicate, apply and consistently improve the integrated quality management system within the organisation. The quality policy is reviewed annual for practicality and suitability and adapted if necessary.

Employees are trained regularly according to the high expectations of our customers and the high technical demands of ISMET products.

In order to achieve these company goals, it is a policy at ISMET to invest an appropriate share of profits in the development, production, quality assurance, sales and service.

Every ISMET employee is responsible for quality in all stages of production and for their services on behalf of ISMET GmbH.

The primary objectives of our quality policy

Avoidance of errors with 100% final inspection of all manufactured products

Avoidance of errors (prior to delivery) with recognition of defective materials, assemblies and products and the resulting countermeasures, as well as avoidance of errors (after delivery) with analysis of defective products and resulting countermeasures. The implemented measures are reviewed for their sustainable effectiveness.

All employees of ISMET strive, in the interest of our customers, to guarantee permanently high quality. Our understanding and awareness of quality, as well as our employees’ attitude towards quality provide the ideal conditions for a long-term collaboration in partnership with our customers and thus the lasting success of ISMET.

The stable, reliable quality of our products is the basis of the long-term success of our commercial activity. We define quality as satisfying customer requirements and expectations at the bare minimum. In this regard, our quality is an important criterion for our customers in their purchase decision and order issuance and thus the basis for a high degree of customer satisfaction and a long-term customer relationship.

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