Airport technology

For airport technology, ISMET offers with rated outputs of up to 800 kVA in a customer-specific design and configuration. The mains voltage stabilisers in one-phase and three-phase design with common or separate regulation of the three phases compensate voltage fluctuations of ± 25% and have an output tolerance of ± 1.5%.

In the medium-voltage range, we cover a wide range of applications in airport technology with three-phase medium-voltage cast resin transformers with a rated output of up to 5 MVA and voltages of up to 36 kV. Our three-phase cast resin transformers are distinguished by low maintenance requirements and a low risk of fire. They are also suitable for demanding environmental conditions. High surge and switching voltages and short-circuit peak loads are not a problem for ISMET.


In the airport technology market segment, ISMET customer-specific solutions such as medium-voltage cast resin transformers, regulating transformers and mains voltage stabilisers, among other things, can be used.

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cast resin transformers

  • Three-phase
  • Up to 5 MVA rated output and voltages of up to 36 kV
  • Protection ratings up to IP32
  • Open design or in housing
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Regulating transformers

  • Rated output of up to 120 kVA
  • One-phase or three-phase
  • Toroidal or column design with isolated or autotransformer winding
  • Open design or in housing with protection rating up to IP54
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Mains voltage stabilisers

  • Rated outputs of up to 800 kVA
  • One-phase or three-phase
  • Common or separate regulation of three-phase devices
  • Compensation of voltage fluctuations of ± 25% and an output tolerance of ± 1.5%
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