Data centres

ISMET one-phase mains transformers are designed for safe voltage supply of electronic circuits and devices in the standard frequency range of 50 or 60 Hz and are ideal for use in data centres. Primary and secondary coils are galvanically isolated from each other. They are also an excellent choice for climate control applications.

Three-phase isolating transformers from ISMET reliably supply server clusters in large data centres.


In the data centre segment, ISMET customer-specific solutions such as energy-efficient transformers and chokes and power supply transformers, among other things, can be used.

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Power supply transformers

  • Rated outputs of up to 1.5 MVA
  • Step-up transformers (3 x 400 V to 3 x 1000 V) or step-down transformers which transform in the opposite direction are available
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transformers and chokes

  • Conventional and loss-reduced transformers and chokes
  • A variety of materials, such as nanocrystal, amorphous or ferritic materials
  • Reduce losses by up to 65 %
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