ISMET builds air-cooled transformers, chokes and filters which are designed for use in E-mobility. ISMET also produces components required for interference suppression, such as sinusoidal filters, mains filters and mains chokes that are tailored and dimensioned specifically for the individual project.

In the medium-voltage range, we also provide three-phase cast resin medium-voltage transformers with a rated output of up to 5 MVA and voltages of up to 36 kV in order to cover the entire spectrum for use of renewable energies.


In the E-mobility segment, ISMET customer-specific solutions such as cast resin transformers/encapsulated transformers, chokes and power supply transformers, among other things, can be used.

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  • Up to a total choke weight of 6 t
  • Air-cooled and force-ventilated or with direct/indirect water cooling
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Power supply transformers

  • Rated outputs of up to 1.5 MVA
  • Step-up transformers from 3 x 400 V to 3 x 1000 V or step-down transformers which transform in the opposite direction are available
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Cast resin
transformers / encapsulated transformers

  • One-phase or three-phase
  • With rated outputs of up to 50 kVA, protection ratings up to IP67 and in protection class II
  • Protection ratings up to IP67 and in protection class II
  • Connection to sockets, terminals and cables
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