Maritime equipment

ISMET builds starting transformers for maritime equipment with a rated output of up to 630 kVA and for voltages of up to 10 kV. The starting transformers with autotransformer windings can be designed in open construction, in a steel sheet housing or in a cast resin encapsulation and protection ratings up to IP54 are achieved depending on the design. Connection takes place at terminals, copper lugs or insulators. Our starting transformers are designed for the special switch-on characteristics of the motor and approved individually by classification organisations such as BV, DNV GL and LRS.

ISMET offers specially designed transformers for the power supply of numerous on-board consumers which must be operated with different voltages. They are also designed and approved according to the requirements of the relevant classification organisation.


In the maritime equipment market segment, ISMET customer-specific solutions such as matching stabilisers and starting transformers, among other things, can be used.

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Matching transformers

  • One-phase or three-phase
  • Autotransformer or isolated winding
  • Rated output of up to 500 kVA
  • In housing up to protection rating IP54
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Starting transformers

  • Rated output of up to 630 kVA and for voltages of up to 10 kV
  • Design-independent protection ratings up to IP54 available
  • Individual approval issued by Germanischer Lloyd
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