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Our product categories give you an overview of the basic types and applications of the transformers, chokes and filters, as well as wound components from the ISMET portfolio.

We deliver electrical components, such as one-phase and three-phase transformers, variable toroidal and column transformers, voltage stabilisers, activation current limiters and many others, to you in a variety of dimensions with diverse equipment and designs. More than 200 items are available for delivery directly from stock and we produce and package many more on short notice. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, simply contact us. Our assortment of customer-specific solutions grows continuously. We would be glad to produce a tailor-made solution for your electrical requirement. 

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Three-phase transformers for fan control

Zwei Einphasen-Stufentransformatoren (in V-Schaltung) nach DIN EN 61558, VDE 0570, Teil 2-13. Gemeinsame Eingangs- und Ausgangswicklung. Wicklungen nicht galvanisch getrennt. Transformator im Kunststoff- oder Stahlblechgehäuse mit Stufenschalter, Schutzart IP 43. Anschluss an Klemmen, Schutzklasse I, ta 40°C, 50/60 Hz.

IR: 0,8 - 11,0 AUPRI: 400 VUSEC: 80 - 400 V

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