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To meet wide-ranging customer requirements on a transformer or choke, we use utilise key technological expertise with vertical integration. Our technicians are constantly in direct contact with the work preparation and production management. We can reliably guarantee the uncompromising quality and precision that our customers expect from us with stable processes covering everything from the technical configuration to the final inspection.

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An overview of all customer-specific solutions

Customer-specific solutions

Our service spectrum extends from transformers to a total weight of about 10 t with the following technical properties:

  • Output range up to 5 MVA
  • Current level up to 15,000 A
  • Voltage up to 36 kV
  • Protection rating up to IP65
  • Frequency up to 500 kHz

Chokes, filters and other inductive electrotechnical components of all designs are also part of our competence and product spectrum. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the technical requirements of your project.

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The easiest way to find a suitable transformer, choke or filter for your application is to use our product filters. The filter settings, such as input and output voltage or IP code, allow you to select your individual parameters to find the right product from our extensive assortment.

By the way: You can use the contact form to contact our sales team to inquire about individual offers and custom solutions.

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