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Cast resin transformers and encapsulated transformers

ISMET provides one-phase and three-phase cast resin transformers and encapsulated transformers for connection to sockets, terminals and conductors with rated outputs of up to 50 kVA, in protection ratings up to IP67 and in protection class II. The test voltage goes up to 30 kV. The transformers can be configured for stationary installation or as transportable installations.

Tailor-made ISMET solution

The customer-specific cast resin transformer of the type KSTIG achieves a rated output of 1 kVA and was equipped by ISMET on the primary side with a 3 m cable and plug with earthing socket. On the secondary side, it has a two-pin socket with flap cover and seal. The cast resin transformer is safeguarded primarily with a thermal fuse and with a Neozed fuse.

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Cast resin transformers and encapsulated transformers are used in chemical plants, in the textile industry in dye works and in track construction.

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