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We develop electrotechnical components from the transformer to chokes and filters to turnkey switch cabinet complete solutions – tailor-made to your specific requirements.

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Energy-efficient transformers and chokes

Environmental protection, purposeful use of resources and minimisation of emissions are increasingly important topics. We provide you with comprehensive advice on whether conventional or loss-reduction transformers and choke are the better choice for your application. Our transformer and choke production is cost-optimised as a fundamental approach. However, in the age of climate change and increased energy costs, it is becoming increasingly important to find alternative versions. The use of various materials, such a nanocrystal, amorphous or ferritic materials, the combination of raw materials and technology, and the perfect implementation of our experience make it possible for you to utilise all resources optimally. With optimisation of the components of transformer or a choke, losses can be reduced by up to 65 %. However, the increased procurements costs are amortised after only about 1.8 years based on current energy costs. This advantage pays off for you, ask us.

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High-current transformers from ISMET are used in induction furnaces, galvanic plants, smelting furnaces and in annealing furnaces.

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