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We develop electrotechnical components from the transformer to chokes and filters to turnkey switch cabinet complete solutions – tailor-made to your specific requirements.

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Mains voltage stabilisers

We build mains voltage stabilisers with rated outputs of up to 800 kVA to customer-specific requirements in one-phase and three-phase versions with common or separate regulation of the phases. They compensate voltage fluctuations of ± 25% and have an output tolerance of ± 1.5%.

Tailor-made ISMET solution

The NRD1 transforming voltage stabiliser from ISMET guarantees a constant voltage even with sensitive mains conditions. It has an output of 250 kVA, a permissible input tolerance of ± 20% and regulates all three phases together. The mains voltage stabiliser comprises a fixed transformer, a three-phase column and a neutral point transformer. The system is installed in a switch cabinet with protection rating IP54 and stabilises the output voltage to ± 1.5%.

Merket segments

Mains voltage stabilisers stabilise the voltage supply of, for example, textile machines, conveyor systems, printing lines or hospitals.

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