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Medium-voltage cast resin transformers

In the medium-voltage range, we cover a wide range of applications with three-phase medium-voltage cast resin transformers with a rated output of up to 5 MVA and voltages of up to 36 kV. Our three-phase cast resin transformers are distinguished by low maintenance requirements and a low risk of fire. High surge and switching voltages and short-circuit peak loads are not a problem. In an open design or in a housing, medium-voltage cast resin transformers achieve protection ratings up to IP32.

Tailor-made ISMET solution

The three-phase cast resin medium-voltage transformer of the type DMVG-R is designed for a primary voltage of 20 kV and a secondary voltage of 0.4 kV. It is equipped with a temperature sensor and axial fans for forced cooling. Base rails facilitate installation on site.

Market segment

Medium-voltage cast resin transformers from ISMET are used in energy supply, industrial plants and in the supply of renewable energies.

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