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Starting transformers

Starting transformers are available from ISMET with a rated output of up to 2 MVA and for voltages of up to 10 kV. The starting transformers with autotransformer windings can be designed in open construction, in a steel sheet housing or in a cast resin encapsulation and protection ratings up to IP54 are achieved depending on the design. Connection takes place at terminals, copper lugs or insulators. If necessary, our starting transformers undergo individual acceptance processes conducted by classification organisations, such as DNV GL, LRS, etc.

Tailor-made ISMET solution

Our three-phase starting transformer of the type DHA achieves an output of 1 MVA. It is equipped with an autotransformer winding and designed for the special switch-on characteristic of the motor. Connection of the starting transformer with protection rating IP 00 takes place directly on copper lugs.

Market segments

Starting transformers from ISMET are used, for example, for starting ship engines, high-output pumps or rock grinding mills.

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