Solutions for water-cooled transformers and chokes

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Water-cooled transformers and chokes

ISMET builds one-phase and three-phase transformers and chokes with open design and rated outputs of up to 3 MVA.

Tailor-made ISMET solution

ISMET built a three-phase transformer of the type DAW with an output of 3 MVA and three x 2,500 A. Direct water cooling configured for a pressure of 10 bar made it possible to reduce the size of the transformer.

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The advantages of water-cooled ISMET solutions with energy-efficient cooling:


  • Use of innovative, newly developed cooling elements
  • Losses reduced by 10 – 30% in comparison with conventional cooling elements
  • Reduced increase of the coolant temperature and lower required flow rates
  • Realisation of smaller, more compact sizes for current levels of up to 2,000 A
  • Higher harmonics/switching frequencies made possible with simultaneously lower output losses than with conventional solutions
  • Reduction of total losses by 26%, reduction of losses in the cooling element by 73%

Market segments

Water-cooled transformers and chokes are used in machine construction,drive technology, plant construction, energy supply, induction furnaces and for power factor correction.

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