Activation current limiter

Gentle start-up for one-phase and three-phase electrical consumers

High activation currents, e.g. for start-up of electric motors, can damage or interfere with the supply network and other connected consumers. Voltage-controlled activation current limiters prevent heavy choking of the mains voltage and overloading due to current peaks. The activation current limiter works with a pre-adjusted limiting resistor (NTC) which reduces the activation current so that the consumer starts up more slowly. After a defined time delay, the NTC of the activation current limiter is bypassed automatically and the full output is available. ISMET delivers activation current limiters in several designs for various application and installation variants.

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Three-phase starting current limiters


Three-phase starting current limiters

Starting current limiters are voltage-controlled devices. Their functioning is based on a time-delayed bridging of the incorporated damping resistor which is set ex works. The time-lag is also set ex works for the ESBD-K model (approx. 20 to 50 msec.). Starting current limiter in plastic casing with snap fixation for mounting rail TS 35.

IR: 16 AUPRI: 400 - 500 V

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