One-phase transformers in a housing or block-encapsulated

Safe operation in variable usage and environmental conditions

One-phase transformers in a housing or block-encapsulated for portable voltage supply in enclosed spaces or outdoors are used, for example, at markets, construction sites or for repair, inspection and installation calls. They must be adequately protected from environmental influences. For this purpose, ISMET offers numerous standard-compliant designs of portable one-phase transformers in a housing or block-encapsulated in protection class II and up to protection rating IP54. They are delivered with separate cable connection boxes or completely wired and ready to use in portable housings.

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Single-phase in-line transformers


Single-phase in-line transformers

Single-phase in-line auto transformer according to DIN EN 61558, VDE 0570, part 2-13. Transformer encapsulated into plastic casing with handgrip, type of enclosure IP 21, non-inherently short-circuit-proof, safety class I, 50/60 Hz, ta 40°C.

P: 250 - 1000 VAUPRI: 110 - 230 VUSEC: 110 - 230 V

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One-phase safety and isolating transformers

One-phase safety transformers are designed to supply current circuits with up to 50 V. High and thus dangers contact voltages are prevented in the process. One-phase transformers are designed for electrical isolation of current circuits and are thus provided with protective isolation between the input and output winding. ISMET offers a large variety of both transformer types in a housing or block-encapsulated.

One-phase series transformers

Our proven one-phase series auto transformer in accordance with VDE 0570 (part 2-13) is available for a rated output of 250, 500 or 1000 VA, with practical carry handle, encapsulated in a plastic housing. One-phase series transformers convert 230 V input voltage to 100 V output voltage or vice versa, depending on the model.

Lighting transformers

Our lighting transformers are designed as one-phase safety transformers and have separate windings. We supply these transformers with mains cable, flexible connection line and primary installed fuse, in nine output levels from 60 to 500 VA. ISMET lighting transformers are encapsulated in a white plastic housing.

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