Three-phase transformers

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Our three-phase transformers satisfy all current standards and regulations. Three-phase transformers from ISMET supply all three-phase electrical applications in energy technology, industry and skilled trades reliable with the necessary stable voltage and output. ISMET offers all standard categories, shapes and sizes of three-phase transformers. Three-phase transformers up to 30 kVA are available with short delivery times; the largest three-phase transformers from our assortment achieve an output range of up to 5 MVA.

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Three-phase step transformers


Three-phase step transformers

Three-phase step transformer according to DIN EN 61558, VDE 0570, part 2-13. Common input and output coils. Coil without galvanic separation. Connections: Terminals with screwed connection, prepared for safety class I, 50/60 Hz, ta 40°C, dip impregnation, horizontal mounting, colour green RAL 6004.

IR: 2,75 - 35,00 AUPRI: 400 VUSEC: 120 - 400 V

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Three-phase matching transformers

Three-phase matching transformers in accordance with DIN EN 60076 and VDE 0532 with selectable input and output voltage are required, for example, to operate machine tools, machining centres and insertion machines and adapt the available mains voltage to the supply voltage of the machine. ISMET provides three-phase matching transformers with a variety of equipment and in a wide range of sizes with a rated output of up to 1 MVA.

Three-phase multi-output transformers

Three-phase multi output transformers in accordance with DIN EN 61558, VDE 0570 (part 2-13) with common input and output winding and windings that are not galvanically isolated enable variable tapping of the coil with connection terminals in order to provide several different voltage levels with a three-phase multi-output transformer.

Three-phase mains transformers

Three-phase mains transformers in accordance with VDE (part 2-1) are designed for save voltage supply of machinery, plants and devices with 400 V and are offered by ISMET with rated outputs of up to 30 kVA in variants with and without a housing. Conversion from 400 V to 230 V is also possible.

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