Your specialist for transformers, chokes, filters and other wound components

We have decades of experience developing and producing high-quality and reliable wound components. You benefit from our German engineering know-how and highly qualified employees in our European production locations.

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Leading in Europe: Short delivery times for transformers up to 30 kVA

Many key catalogue items for standard applications are delivered to you directly from stock or we will produce and deliver your order within the shortest possible time.

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Customising: Customer-specific wound components are our strength

From inductive components of one-phase transformers to cooled switch cabinet complete solutions, we provide tailor-made products according to your requirements.

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Transformers, chokes and filters engineered in Germany, made in Europe

ISMET delivers the right solution – competently, flexibly and efficiently

ISMET is your partner for transformers, filters, chokes and electrotechnical components for all application fields. ISMET combines decades of experience in the development and production of high-quality wound components with German engineering know-how. We are a leading provider of inductive components in Europe – for customer-specific solutions of all magnitudes, as well as standard and mass-produced parts. ISMET develops and builds transformers with a total weight of up to 10 t in an output range from a few VA to 5 MVA. We offer wound components for currents of up to 15,000 A, voltages of up to 36 kV and frequencies of up to 150 kHz – from single units to large series and from the single wound component to complete switch cabinet solutions. We have more than 200 items available directly from stock and deliver transformers up to 30 kVA with short delivery times! Discover our product assortment and industry solutions.

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Since 2022 ISMET is managed as a product brand of REDUR GmbH & Co. KG



The easiest way to find a suitable transformer, choke or filter for your application is to use our product filters. The filter settings, such as input and output voltage or IP code, allow you to select your individual parameters to find the right product from our extensive assortment.

By the way: You can use the contact form to contact our sales team to inquire about individual offers and custom solutions.

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Our product assortment has steadily grown over the course of many years and thousands of customer orders. Based on this trove of experience, we develop new solutions for our customers daily.


We understand which wound component you need. Based on your technical specifications, we work with you to develop the most efficient and technically optimal solution for your application.


We stand for: Uncompromising quality, the best service, reliable delivery accuracy and continuous improvement of our processes, products and offers. We consider this our responsibility to our customers.


For several decades, we have repeatedly made key contributions to transformer technology with our expertise, because knowledge mean innovation.

Our services

We produce transformers, chokes and other wound products for you with the latest production equipment according to the state-of-the-art and with vertical integration. Therefore, we control the overall development and production process so that we can guarantee you optimal inductive components and maximum reliability for your processes and projects. Universal development, production and testing processes ensure flexible incorporation all of your requirements and compliance with all current regulations and standards. ISMET stands for the highest expertise and experience in the production of wound components.

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  • Transformers
  • Chokes
  • Filters
  • Other items
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  • Direct/indirect water cooling
  • Matching transformers
  • High-voltage transformers
  • HF applications


  • The basis of our wound components
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
Our expertise

Our areas of application

We provide you with one-phase and three-phase transformers, as well as additional inductive components in a wide range of versions for all feasible areas of application. We cover energy supply, wind power, solar power and E-mobility, as well as harbour technology, railway systems, infrastructure or building and crane technology. Individual wound components or complete switch cabinet systems from ISMET are supplied to the automotive, plant construction and machine tooling industries, and used for ship equipment, mining and conveyor systems. Wherever you need inductive electrotechnical components – from the mains transformer to the high current transformer, from the motor choke to the sinusoidal filter – ISMET has the solution.

Phoenix Mecano-Gruppe

PHOENIX MECANO AG is a globally operative Swiss technology company. The corporate group specialises in the development and production of a variety of industrial components. In addition to ISMET, the corporate group includes several other companies focussed on professional production of niche products and close relations with their customers.

The products of the PHOENIX MECANO Group are used in a wide variety of commercial sectors: machine and plant construction, measuring and control technology, medical technology, aerospace technology, the energy sector and residential and healthcare facilities.