DRU-M-1 - Single- and three-phase toroidal variable transformers


Three-phase toroidal variable transformer according to DIN VDE 0552 designed as autotransformer (auto-connected winding), with attached motor drive 230 V, 50 Hz. Manipulating time approx. 27 seconds. Limit switches in min. and max. positions. Terminal connection, connection group Yn0, prepared for safety class I, 50/60 Hz, ta 40°C.

IR: 1,25 - 3,15 AUPRI: 400 VUSEC: 0 - 450 V

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* Other manipulating times on request

Variants overview

Rated current Article number Measurements Weight
Primary current Rated capacity PRI 400 V
SEC 400 V
PRI 400 V
SEC 450 V
a x b x c / L x B x HCU kgGes. kg
1860 200 x 260 x 27009
21380 300 x 260 x 290014
32450 300 x 360 x 290017
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